Cleaning services - environmentally conscious and economical

Our companies offer comprehensive services around cleanliness and hygiene: from the exterior and interior cleaning of buildings and windows to the cleaning of paths, building grounds and outdoor facilities to special and custom orders.

The extensive Facility Management product portfolio includes services such as building cleaning, window and glass cleaning, cleaning of photovoltaic modules, facade cleaning, maintenance cleaning, basic cleaning, stairwell cleaning, industrial cleaning, final building cleaning, office cleaning, transportation cleaning,  Carpet and upholstery cleaning, monument preservation, clinic hygiene, cleaning of air-conditioning systems, winter services with snow and ice removal, blind cleaning and system catering, technical service, energy management, laundry service, pest control, disinfection, waste disposal, garden care and personnel provision.

We are a full-service provider of tailor-made solutions for individual requirements and respond to high sanitation standards.

Our major services at a glance

industrial cleaning

The perfect plant cleaning belongs to our special fields. We clean your working environment and your machines in dry, damp and wet processes, remove production residues reliably and work in a time and cost-optimised manner. We also carry out regular maintenance work competently and with the greatest care.

We stand for reliable and demonstrably consistently high cleanliness standards and rely on highly trained personnel, the latest cleaning technologies and sophisticated quality management.


Regular cleaning, care and special treatment of surfaces and floors of all kinds forms the basis for lasting value retention and a feel-good experience in your environment. At FINDAL, we are experienced specialists and your reliable partner when it comes to maintaining the value and care of your building. We put together a cost-optimised and individual all-round package for daily maintenance cleaning.

For a clean and trusting cooperation, we provide you with a personal contact person for all matters concerning your property.

Window, glass and facade cleaning

Keeping a large window area clean is also a challenge for us. Glass cleaning and facade cleaning requires special know-how, experienced service personnel and high-quality state-of-the-art equipment. We use all these things for cleaning your facade.

Regular maintainence protects your property fom environmental dust, glass corrosion and efflorescence, and its value will be fully preserved. This not only contributes to a good working atmosphere, but also leaves a good impression on customers.

Waste and garbage processing

he requirements for professional and environmentally sound waste disposal are becoming increasingly complex. As a certified specialist waste management company, we offer you fast, reliable and resource-conserving services on the basis of licensing laws, ordinances and regulations.
Our individual disposal solutions include

  • Commercial waste disposal
  • Document and data destruction
  • Oil separator cleaning
  • Green waste disposal
  • Hazardous waste disposal

Cleaning for facilities with special hygiene plans

Nowhere are cleanliness and hygiene more important than in hospitals, rehabilitation centres and retirement homes. Patients, visitors and staff should not only feel comfortable here, they must also be effectively protected against the risk of infection.

This requires special procedures that are routinely performed by our professionally trained and experienced specialists. They ensure that the strict hygiene regulations are adhered to.
You can rely on our know-how!

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